World Gay Boxing Championships

From Beginners To Experienced Boxers

An inclusive LGBTQI-friendly event for people from all countries and backgrounds to be held in Sydney in February 2023 coinciding with Mardi Gras and World Pride. It is not just about sport. We believe in the modern world it is also about championing confidence, health and wellness, love, community and friendship.

The aim is to introduce boxing to the LGBTQI and wider community encouraging people to take part in the challenging and enjoyable sport of boxing in a safe and comfortable environment. All events will align with AIBA rules and sanctioned by a boxing authority while ensuring that no individual shall be excluded from participating based on sexual orientation or identification. We want to collaborate with boxing governing bodies, boxing clubs and other partner organisations.

Throughout 2021 we plan to raise awareness and promote the World Gay Boxing Championships by holding a series of LGBTQI fight nights in Australia. We want to create a group of boxers ready to welcome the world in 2023.

In February 2022 we want to hold an exhibition World Gay Boxing Championships involving participants from the local and international LGBTQI boxing community. The objective is to have a “trial run”, celebrate the sport of boxing and create momentum for the main event in 2023.

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