The World Gay Boxing Championships is partnering with Warrior Within Boxing to bring the first event of the WGBC The LGBTQ fight night. I have started training with Tanya Project Manager and Coach of Warrior Within Boxing and she told me about her passion discovery and love for boxing.

Tanya’s journey with boxing started 10 years ago during a low point in her life when confidence in herself had hit rock bottom due to a controlling ex-partner. She did not know who to turn to because she had limited her circle of friends and family lived more than 2 hours away.

The first step into a boxing class was an empowering experience before even learning to throw a jab or jump into the ring. The mojo that flows from a boxing gym is instantly infectious, especially at busy class times. Everywhere you look there are student’s intent on their craft, oblivious to anyone watching them, mindset switched over to self- improvement and developing control over their bodies. Anxiety melts away in moments and you get hooked on the buzz.

It does not take long to be welcomed into the boxing family with sweat, high fives and laughter. Everyone looks after each other in boxing gyms and communities. If you know, you know.

Therefore, Tanya will be supporting the WGBC. She believes everyone has the right to feel safe to learn and compete in whatever sport they wish to – boxing included. It should never be about male vs male, female vs female